Crystal Formation


Crystal is a precious gem, the main chemical ingredient is silica
Crystal is a rare mineral, a precious gem, nowadays with ice color chalcedony, tourmaline and other colored gemstones included in the scope of parallel, yield less. The main chemical composition is silicon dioxide SiO2.
Hardness: 7
Crystal habit: columnar
Mineral density: 2.65 g / cc
Gravity: 2.22-2.65
Refractive index: NO = 1.544, Ne = 1.553
Birefringence: 0.009
Dispersion: 0.013
Melting point: 1713 ℃
Crystal was born in the main quartz veins. Quartz vein containing crystal, accounting for only 2-10% of the total quartz veins and quartz veins are Crystal "liquor." There must be crystal quartz veins, quartz crystal will grow in the veins of the cave, the cave known as crystal hole. Crystal-containing quartz veins usually "a pulse of a hole," the growth of a single crystal geode called single crystals. Monocrystalline general weight 100-500 grams, a few kilograms to more than ten kg ingot are more common. Geologists believe that about 2.3 billion years ago, the East China Sea area or the ocean. After undersea volcanic eruption, the earth's crust in constant motion, change, and later back east sea, hills in the wind and rain erosion was cut plains, to the Tang and Song Dynasties today topography Donghai County. Rich quartz veins cave formed when the Earth orogeny generated a lot of crystal ore body, in the continuous flow and the impact of changes in the earth's crust, relatively soft texture of sand were washed away, and the rest is hard crystal sand buried in the ground, forming the East China Sea minerals through mutations now. According to the geological survey department full of Donghai County Niushan surrounding area, the county has identified about 380 huge number of quartz veins, the formation time of Yanshan period, about 200-300 million years ago.

Crystal Properties


Crystal (rock Crystal) is a quartz (Quartz) crystal minerals, its main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, the chemical formula SiO2. Western countries believe that as long as they are transparent crystal (Crystal), it contains the word crystal clear, colorless glass (K9 class, ordinary glass blue), also contains natural crystal ore. Chinese ancient crystal water is fine name, Water Pik, water jade, spar, and a dozen call in "and Han Sancai plan would" Suan fawn array of purification. Therefore, in order to facilitate the distinction between the international community generally (Rockcrystal) refers specifically to the natural crystal. Well-developed single crystal hexagonal pyramid, it is usually massive or granular aggregates, generally colorless, gray, white, when the content of other mineral elements were purple, red, tobacco, tea.

When the crystal is perfect when crystalline silica; crystalline quartz is not perfect: after silica gel of dehydration is agate; solidification colloidal silica water after becoming opal; silica grains at less than a few microns, on the formation of chalcedony, flint, secondary quartzite. Chemical composition: silicon dioxide, the chemical composition containing Si-46.7%,-53.3 O%. Because it contains different trace elements or color centers presented a variety of colors.

Mineral composition: goethite, hematite, rutile, magnetite, tourmaline, garnet, mica, chlorite inclusions formed a crystal, such as crystal, titanium crystal, Phantom, etc., the crystal in the containing visible hair-like needle-like mineral inclusions formed

The brife introdcution of the Crystal King


The Crystal King (China's largest monomer crystal) is exhibited and stored inthe Geological Museum of China.It’s about 1.7 meters high and 1 meters wide.And it’s 4.35 tons. The entire crystal is consisted of 13-15 parallels,which looks like a clear pyramid from the outside. It’s the largest monomer crystal in China by far and is called the Crystal King. It’s the greatest treasure of the Geological Museum of China.

Chairman MAO crystal material


The material of the crystal coffin tiber of Chairman Maois selected from high-quality Donghai rock stone, melted into a large-scale quartz glass. It takes 105 staff from Donghai mineral factory about 2 months to select 32 tons of premium-quality crystal from 300 tons of crystal minerals and delivering to Beijing in 4 times seperately.The crystal sent to Beijing directly from Donghai is about 22 tons,which sent to Shanghai and Jinzhou are each 5 tons. (Chairman Mao's crystal coffin is produced by Beijing 605 Factory, Shanghai Xinhu Glass Factory, Jinzhou 155 factory together).

Crystal Culture


The media of crystal let the world know Donghai. As a bridge to crystal, makes Donghai to the world. China Donghai Crystal City from 1991 to date, has been successfully held the 13th China International Donghai Crystal Festival, from a crystal market to the world capital of crystal, crystal distribute to the whole world.